Connect, Communicate, & Profit


In “Connect, Communicate, and Profit”, D’vorah Lansky presents you with the strategies and techniques that you need to get up to speed quickly on the basics of Internet marketing. Learn how you easily can create a bridge between your online and offline networking and business-building practices. In today’s busy world where things move quickly and technology is king, you must have a vibrant and interactive online presence. When you apply certain basic principles of relationship marketing, you will grow your network, build awareness of your brand, and position yourself as an expert in your field. “Connect, Communicate, and Profit” is designed for small business professionals and entrepreneurs who want to market online, or who know that they need to be marketing online but aren’t sure where to begin.

“This is a great book for any business owner looking to generate more sales, referrals, and connections in a given marketplace.”
Stu McLaren, Co-Founder, WishList Products.

“If you want to build a huge network of people who think about you, care about you, trust you, and most importantly, refer you…but you only have a few minutes a day to do it, then you need to buy this book today and devour it.”
David Frey, CEO, Marketing Best Practices.

“Forget the arduous process of trial and error that your competition is relying on to figure it all out. D’vorah has done all the research for you, and provides you with the prioritized steps and cost-effective resources right here in this book.”
Bob Jenkins, Author of “Take Action, Revise Later”.

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