Power Marketing for Small Business


Learn how to keep your valuable customers and find new ones using the power of very low-cost online video, even if you hate computers and can’t work a camera to save your life. This short, easy-to-read book will show you how traditional marketing methods are failing, but the fundamental principle of creating a trusting relationship with your customer remains. Online video is an inexpensive and powerful way for small businesses to connect with customers and prospects, and it can be surprisingly easy to do.

“Finally! Someone has made it easy and simple for the small business owner to understand marketing. I have read many books trying to seek out information about marketing for my own business and Alfred provides everything you need to know in his simple, easy to understand and apply, fun to read book. Anyone running a small business needs to have a copy. It is the only marketing book you’ll need.”
John Formica, An “Ex-Disney Guy” and “America’s Best and Favorite Customer Experience Coach”, author of “Making the Customer Experience Magical Now!”

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