Book Marketing Made Easy


#1 Amazon Bestseller: Blogging and Blogs!

#1 Amazon Hot New Release: Marketing for Small Business!

#1 Amazon Hot New Release: Home Computing!

Discover the secrets that successful authors use to market their books online. In “Book Marketing Made Easy” you will learn how to: increase your credibility and be seen as an expert in your field; sell more books to people who will benefit from your message; create multiple sources of income with the content of your book; harness the power of multimedia marketing to reach more people; and use social media to increase your influence and expand your market.

“D’vorah Lansky gets it. She understands the importance of perpetual promotion to make a book successful. Book Marketing Made Easy overflows with valuable and do-able information. It contains inside scoop that I have not found anywhere else. A ‘must-have’ for the serious publisher.”
Brian Jud, author of “How to Make Real Money Selling Books” and “Beyond the Bookstore.”

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